Your car is a large expensive machine that will cost you a ton to maintain throughout your life. If you learn to do some of these tasks yourself, you can save a lot of cash. How to change front brakes?

Before you start, you need some tools. Some of them are probably at home, but some may require a trip to the auto parts store. The cost of some of these tools is high, but you can use them forever. In the long run, you’ll save more money by buying it now and doing your own repairs in the future.

Owner’s Manual: Every time you repair a car yourself, make sure you have the Owner’s Manual at hand.

Floor jack: The jack supplied with the car is suitable for replacing the spare wheel, but for this type of maintenance you need a floor jack.

Lifting racks: when your car is raised, you will need lifting racks to keep it in the air.

Brake tool: This tool adapts the brake caliper piston to the new brake pads.

How to change front brakes?

Replacement brake pads: Of course, you will need new brake pads to replace the old ones. Most auto parts stores will help you find the right washers for your vehicle.

Spare discs (if necessary): In some situations, you may need to replace the rotors at the same time as replacing the brake pads.

Brake grease: This grease is applied to the surface of your brake pads between the pads and the calipers.

Detailed instructions for your car: Replacing the brake pads is a fairly simple task, but some car models may be different.

  • Socked wrench
  • Tire iron
  • A short guide on how to replace your car’s front brake pads
  • Make sure the brakes are cold and that you have the right tools to work
  • Raise the car on a lift, then support the car on its stands
  • Take the wheel off
  • Clean the brakes with a degreaser and remove the caliper
  • Remove the pads from the caliper and check the brake disc and hoses
  • Insert new washers and replace the clamp and any necessary clamps
  • Check the brake fluid level
  • Mount the wheel
  • Raise the car, remove the axle supports and lower
  • Use a torque wrench to tighten the wheel nuts

How much does replacing the brake pads cost?

The cost of replacing the brake pads will vary depending on the vehicle, as well as between the front and rear brake systems. Most vehicles use different sizes of brake calipers at the front and rear – with larger brakes at the front. In addition, depending on wear, you may only need to replace the front brake pads or the front and rear pads. Always replace the brake pads as a pair (left and right side) to avoid a brake imbalance that could endanger your safety.



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