The number of people using mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, as their go-to devices for surfing the web, has increased dramatically in recent years. Consequently, mobile-friendly websites, websites that have responsive design layouts that automatically scale to fit the screen size of each visitor’s device, are now very popular.
In order to tap into the lucrative mobile user market, many businesses think that having a mobile-friendly website is enough and fail to see the need to invest in a separate professional app. With that in mind, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the main advantages of having a professional app developed for your website.

Better Performance

A well designed native app can be much faster to load than a traditional mobile-friendly website. This is because a native app is specifically optimized to run on the device it is installed on. With so much competition around, can your business afford to lose a customer over a slow loading website?

Enhanced Usability And Good Design

Many visitors will quickly move onto another site if a company’s website is poorly designed and difficult to navigate. While the design features of responsive websites have improved a lot over the past half-decade, they can still be difficult to navigate on mobile devices, and many features are disabled when a site is viewed from certain mobile devices. With a native app, companies can control exactly how their content is displayed and ensure that the layout design enables users to find the information they need quickly.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an effective way to alert app users about special offers, new products or services, events and breaking news about a company. When your business has its app, you can send messages directly to potential customers and be sure that they are going to see those messages almost instantly.

Offline Access

You might think that your website alone serves as a valuable information resource for current and potential customers or subscribers, but can your target audience view that content at times when they don’t have access to an internet connection? Commuters regularly encounter times when they have intermittent internet connections, such as when they are on airplanes or traveling on underground trains. With a professional app, you can enable offline access to individual articles, product information pages, and business contact details.

A Presence In Apple’s App Store

Another benefit of having a professional app is that your business will have a presence in the app store. Why is it so important to have the presence in Apple’s app store? Well, creating a professional website app is something many top SEO companies recommend. This is because once your app is listed in the store, you can add a link to your site in the app’s description. This means that you now have a backlink to your website from the Apple App Store, which will help to improve your site’s ranking on results pages with online search engines like Google and Yahoo.


The benefits of having a professional mobile application for your website presented above show how such an investment can dramatically improve website user experience, as well as offer additional perks for your company. Remember, every day more, and more people are switching their primary internet browsing activity to mobile devices; you don’t want to miss out on a slice of the mobile user market. Kind in mind that the cost of professional apps is now more affordable than ever before and entry into the app store is open to almost any type of business.

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