We all know that promo codes and discount coupons can help us to save money when shopping online especially if you are shopping around for physical apps or a mattress. Unfortunately, promo codes typically expire when a retailer is losing too much money. This normally happens once the promotion has been redeemed by thousands of people.


While retailers want their promo codes to go “viral,” they also need to limit theirs loses. Most promo codes cost retailers money each time they are redeemed, but retailers offer such codes because they can be a great way to attract new customers who will become profitable to the business in the long term. A great example is Zenhaven, go here to visit Zenhaven Coupon if you want to learn how they manage to produce a viral video!

Another reason why promo codes expire is that they are linked to a real-world event. For example, during the London 20212 Olympics, many companies offered special discount codes to their customers to celebrate the event. It would not make sense for special event promo codes to remain valid after the event has finished.

Promo codes can also expire if they are not very popular. Suppliers and manufacturers deploy discount codes to market their products and services. If a particular code is not being taken up by customers, a company may wish to avoid the bad PR associated with an unpopular promotion.

Expiry Dates

Expiry dates are not unique to online promo codes. Coupon clippings that can be used in high street stores also often feature a redeem by date. Time limitations on discount coupons and codes allow companies to manage their marketing budgets without undetermined exposure. When it comes to using offline coupons, you will often find so-called extreme couponers rushing to redeem their coupons before they expire.

If you want to learn more about the lengths, some couponers go to save money and stockpile merchandize, you should start watching the Americain TV series Extreme Couponing. During each episode, new extreme couponers are profiled. You get to see what people do in order to save as much money as possible when shopping. The show has been around since 2011, and it is now incredibly popular worldwide.

While promo codes can help you to save lots of cash when online shopping, you also need to start taking advantage of mispriced items. Many online retailers often misprice products and customers can take advantage of these mispricings during the short window of time before correction occur. While online stores don’t have to process orders containing blatantly mispriced items, many stores do because they want to avoid a social media storm. Most of these mispricings occur during off-peak hours, so you really need to be awake between 2 am, and 4 am to take advantage of the deals.

Offline Shopping

When it comes to offline shopping, there are a lot more opportunities to get frees stuff. Those who know what they are doing when it comes to exploiting coupon and discount promotions can often end up paying less than $5 for a trolly of goods worth $200 in a grocery store. In order to take advantage of the best promotions, you need to have a lot of storage space in your home.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to personally use all the items you get for free or at a reduced cost by taking advantage of promotions. Many extreme couponers manage to make a good living selling all the goods they get for free on sites like eBay. You can also sell your freebies at car boots sales on in yard/garage sales. If you plan to turn couponing into a professional career, however, it’s important to note that you might need to start filing tax returns to document your profits. You don’t want to get caught out by the IRS, so log everything accurately if you plan to take things to the extreme.

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