Dreaming is a natural body function necessary for maintaining good mental health. One thing that most people don’t realize is that the dreams they have been affected significantly by the sleeping position they take. The following are the best sleeping positions for dreaming at night:

1. Sleeping on the Belly

Sleeping on the belly is one of the most unpopular sleeping positions. People often find it hard to sleep comfortably in this position all through the night. Unless you master how to sleep comfortably in this position without hurting yourself, you need to avoid it. There are many great mattresses available for those who sleep on belly getting a one is worth investing.

Interestingly, sleeping on the belly is the position that you should take if you want positive, erotic, and exciting dreams. The assumption is that when you lie on your stomach, you are putting pressure on specific points on the body thus creating this effect.

2. Sleeping on the Back

Back sleepers often have trouble recalling their dreams, which is good because they get more nightmares and generally negative dreams. It is commonly referred to as the ‘soldier position’ and has its pros and cons among them sleep apnea and snoring. However, it is the best position for those experiencing back pains.

People that sleep in this position usually find themselves tossing and turning a lot during the night. Sleeping on the back has been scientifically proven to have an impact and effect on dreams. Back sleepers are likely to experience random and inconsistent dreams and their dream patterns are likely to be unpredictable too.

3. Sleeping on the Side

Sleeping on the side is probably the most popular sleeping position. It is the most comfortable of the three major sleeping positions. The ‘fetal’ position provides a variety of health benefits and is great for dreaming too. The question is, which side is better, the right or left side?

Sleeping on the left is a great idea since you are likely to enjoy some of the best dreams and nightmares sometimes, but not as much as the back sleepers. That’s why going to review website will be beneficial for you. However, this sleeping position is not ideal for people suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).


Sleeping on the right side is also not advisable for people suffering from GERD. People that love to sleep in this position are likely to have dreams of burning. It is the ideal sleeping position for positive and sweet dreams, even more so than the left sleepers. People that sleep in this position have fewer nightmares too.

The Bottom Line

The question remains, what are the best sleeping positions for dreaming?

Sleeping on the side, either right or left as well as sleeping on your belly. While sleeping on the right and left have their shortcomings, they are better than sleeping on the back, which is full of negativity and horror. Sleeping on the belly is great for dreams, but not so good for health.

Taking multiple positions throughout the night is a great idea if you want to spice up your dreams. It is important to balance what you sleep for your dreams as well as your health.

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