Meet TheO™ SmartBall

young girl with theoPlay fun games and activities with TheO SmartBall™!

TheO SmartBall™ is an innovative smart ball, combined with dedicated mobile apps that encourages kids and adults to get moving, share interactive personal connections and play experiences, and have fun in the process.  Players toss, bounce and roll the ball, with the smart device safely secured inside.  The foam ball protects the device, people and surroundings allowing for a variety of movement-based games.

Custom apps use the unique features of smart devices, adding music, voice and video to bringing unique activities and play to mobile gaming. Activities included with purchase are fun for the entire family including Hot Potato, Active 123 and Twinkle Twinkle. In the future, depending on which app you use, these can be played in the same room, multi-player across the internet or displayed on a smartTV or second screen.

All apps take advantage of the unique features of smart devices such as acceleration sensing, direction, and motion sensing, plus sound, voice recognition and Bluetooth capabilities.