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TheO SmartBall

One of the Most Effective Educational Tools Available

TheO™ SmartBall is a soft, latex-free, durable foam ball that uses revolutionary technology and any smartphone to ACTIVELY engage your students in the learning process. It combines physical activity, learning, novelty and fun into one dynamic experience. You can choose from over a dozen free and paid apps, easily downloaded on your device to be used in TheO SmartBall. Read the Reviews…

Using TheO SmartBall is Easy!

Simply download one of our fun­filled apps from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Insert your device into TheO SmartBall and watch in amazement how our advanced technology uses motion and acceleration sensing along with music, sound effects and voice to provide an unparalleled educational experience. Your phone is safe and secure inside TheO SmartBall, even after a throw off a two story building!

Kids are excited to learn with TheO SmartBall!

Our new Math Flash for TheO SmartBall makes math fun!

Math Flash  for TheO SmartBall is a self directed learning application.A fun and physical way to engage school children while they learn subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. Select specific numbers and operators, then shake and toss your way to an answer! Available now, fund us using your mobile device.


Every App is Educational and Promotes Physical Activity

We have more than a dozen apps designed to teach a variety of subjects for both iPhone and Android devices. Kids get up and active while learning Animals, ABCs, 123s, Musical Instruments, Singing and Dancing, Birds, and more.

TheO SmartBall is active learning fun!

Choose from a wide variety of apps for all ages!

Learning apps that cover ABC’s, 123’s, animals, music and more! All designed to keep kids moving while they learn. Watch them shake and roll their way to the answer, with engaging content, while the foam ball keeps your device safe inside.

Lesson Builder for TheO SmartBall!

Our new Lesson Builder app (Coming Fall 2014) will allow you to create your own lessons for use in TheO SmartBall. Imagine using TheO SmartBall to cover Morning Meeting topics, classmate names, weekly spelling words, sight words, and much more. The only limit is your imagination!

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Excellent for Educators

TheO SmartBall is a self directed teaching toolOur educational apps are a great way to get your students moving while they learn.  Increase learning and memory by pairing activity with instruction. The perfect way to engage ALL students in the room. An exceptional tool for both regular and special education populations.

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Perfect for Parents

Parents love TheO SmartBall because it gets kids up and off the couch.Looking to give your preschooler a head start or want to strengthen learning for your school-age child? TheO SmartBall is a great choice! This engaging technology gets your child moving and actually having fun while they learn. Active learning and fun equals happy children and happy parents.

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Customer Reviews

Love TheO!

As an upper elementary special education teacher, TheO is a fun way to get students engaged in learning. Combining the required curricular content with technology that students are familiar with makes learning easier and more enjoyable. Not only is it used to access the curriculum, but is also used for fun too! Theo never fails to make a classroom party fun as it serves as an ice breaker with apps like Word Teasers and Interrego!Tom D.

Preschool teachers give TheO ball an A+

I purchased TheO ball to use with my preschool classes. The children loved the hot potato game and they all were clamoring for their turn to try bowling. Great idea, makes learning fun and ACTIVE, which is the best part. Kids can play and learn and have fun, but not be stuck sitting in front of a screen. The ball is really well made and a good size for little hands and your device is totally protected inside the ball. Great apps, good price, all around fun.Robin K.

As a special ed teacher, Theo is a great resource. Pre-schoolers are able to use the apps with the iPhone without concern for damage. They love shaking Theo to hear different sounds (animals, birds, musical instruments) with their friends! Theo is the perfect size for small hands and easy to manipulate. A great way to use pre school apps in the classroom. Theo is a must for the pre-school classroom.Jane G.
My kids love TheO Ball!

I bought TheO for my kids and they love it! They use it a lot when their friends come over, the Truth or Dare game is the favorite. I love how it uses the phone to have kids interact with each other when usually they are all texting others and not interacting with the people in the room. Also, the phone fits very securely in the ball, so the safety of the phone has never been an issue. This is a great product, I highly recommend it. I know my kids friends are all asking for it for Christmas!Laurajean T.

Fun Toy!

I purchased TheO for my niece and nephew. Their favorite app so far is Hot Potato. It’s a great toy that combines technology with traditional play. This toy is a lot of fun!Beth


This is an amazing device! I always know I can trust the Theo with my phone! Everybody should go and buy this product!The Lawners

Very cool

Amazing! An interactive fun ball with apps for devices! So cool! Used it once when it first came out and loved itJoyce P.


I bought this for my daughters birthday party – it was a great! Easy to download apps from iTunes. We used it as an icebreaker & the kids loved it. I’m planning to buy more for my nieces & nephews!Amy C.

Great Gift

Bought one for my daughters birthday. After unwrapping everything it was the first gift she wanted to play with. She played with it with her friends for hours, now they all want one. I never worried about my phones safety while they played, it was very secure.Mark S.

First graders love it!

The O has been an amazing addition to our classroom. We use it for restorative circles and getting to know you games. The students all clamor to bowl and play with it. The itouch is secure in side. The apps are animated and easy to follow. We need another one!Kristin K.

I love TheO SmartBall! All in all, a great idea! Makes learning fun and ACTIVE, which is the best part. – closetsamples.comAshley Drewes
Great Fun

Picked up one of these for my niece. She loved it. The apps seem to be well thought out and engaging.Debra A.

I Love It

AMAZING!!!!! I use it in my classroom during our morning meeting…very motivational for kids. Its a great educational support tool.Theresa C.

TheO Smartball

This will give the kids interactive games to play for hours. Seems to be very durable and multiple applications to load on your device for the kids to play.R. B.

I promise that your phone will be super safe. My kid launched the ball across the tile floor, I went running fearing the worse, yet my phone was completely fine. – Review BeautyJenna
There are many different options. If you have a small tot, you can learn new things by rolling the ball. If you are doing multiplication with older kids they can even play catch with this ball as they are learning. It is a lot of fun. – LeMasteringMotherhood.comMiranda
So many children are glued to smart phones today. Now, TheO Smart Ball lets them use the phone while being active! It is a win-win for everyone. The best part is, the games are fun! There is also a wonderful math based learning app, which is our personal favorite!NonperfectParenting.com
I have four children but the child that enjoyed this the most was my 4 year-old -he loves everything about TheO SmartBall! I think TheO SmartBall is perfect for preschool kids! It truly encourages movement and games in a fun and entertaining way! – fineandtrendy.comSarah Sims
Talk about making learning fun. Our kids had a blast playing with it. I think personally this should be on every one’s holiday Christmas list this year for your kids and family members’ children! – nanasdeals.blogspot.comTia Denicolo
I received theTheO SmartBall from Physical Apps and fell in love! This ball is so much fun to use and you get so much bang for your buck! I took this into my mom’s classroom where she teaches 5th graders. All the kids were so excited to play with this. The O SmartBall is great at entertaining kids and is even better for early learning. – Simple Savings with LexAlexa
This is a blast! If you have young children, you will love this educational toy for your kids. They get exercise, while they learn and play. – Daddy Waddy WeeviewsLeroy Coffie
We recently received a SmartBall and my kids loved it! I plan on taking this to a Girl Scout meeting to use as a conversation game. I think it has many uses in my preschool as well. – Coupon Crazy Mom BlogJill

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Math Flash app Animals app Animals 2 App Animals 2 App Active 1, 2, 3 for TheO SmartBall by Physical Apps Hot Potato for TheO SmartBall by Physical Apps Bowling for TheO SmartBall Flying Circus for TheO SmartBall Intereggo for TheO SmartBall

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