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Excellent for Regular Educators Teaching in Inclusive Settings

TheO SmartBall, partnered with our educational apps are a great way to run your differentiated classroom. Increase learning and retention by pairing learning with movement. Increase engagement and individualize instruction. The perfect way to involve ALL students in the room. An exceptional tool for both regular special education populations.

Our educational apps cover many grade levels and are a great way to get your students moving and keep them engaged.

Perfect for Resource Rooms, Support Personnel and Parents

Parents love TheO SmartBall because it gets kids up and off the couch.

TheO SmartBall can be used with students who need additional support and novel ways to learn. Increase learning by combining gross motor skills with engaging content. The technology allows you to target visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning modalities simultaneously.

Parent appreciate TheO SmartBall too. It’s the perfect way to give preschoolers a head start or engage children who learn in non-traditional ways.

Customer Reviews
Very cool!

"Amazing! An interactive fun ball with apps for devices! So cool! Used it once when it first came out and loved it."

Joyce P., parent

First graders love it!

"TheO has been an amazing addition to our classroom. We use it for restorative circles and getting to know you games. The students all clamor to bowl and play with it. The itouch is secure in side. The apps are animated and easy to follow. We need another one!"

Kristen K., first-grade teacher

Hot Potato is really fun!

"I purchased TheO for my niece and nephew. Their favorite app so far is Hot Potato. It's a great toy that combines technology with traditional play. This toy is a lot of fun!"


A must for the pre-school classroom

"As a special ed teacher, TheO is a great resource. Pre-schoolers are able to use the apps with the iPhone without concern for damage. They love shaking TheO to hear different sounds (animals, birds, musical instruments) with their friends! TheO is the perfect size for small hands and easy to manipulate. A great way to use pre school apps in the classroom. TheO is a must for the pre-school classroom."

Jane G., special ed teacher

Love TheO!

"As an upper elementary special education teacher, TheO is a fun way to get students engaged in learning. Combining the required curricular content with technology that students are familiar with makes learning easier and more enjoyable. Not only is it used to access the curriculum, but is also used for fun too! Theo never fails to make a classroom party fun as it serves as an ice breaker with apps like Word Teasers and Interrego!"

Tom D., teacher

Great Gift!

"Bought one for my daughters birthday. After unwrapping everything it was the first gift she wanted to play with. She played with it with her friends for hours, now they all want one. I never worried about my phones safety while they played, it was very secure."

Mark S., parent

Our favorite: learning math with the phone

"So many children are glued to smart phones today. Now, TheO SmartBall lets them use the phone while being active! It is a win-win for everyone. The best part is, the games are fun! There is also a wonderful math based learning app, which is our personal favorite!"
Great Fun!

"Picked up one of these for my niece. She loved it. The apps seem to be well thought out and engaging."

Debra A.

Daddy Waddy Weeviews says, "This is a blast!"

"If you have young children, you will love this educational toy for your kids. They get exercise, while they learn and play."

Leroy Coffie, Daddy Waddy Weeviews

Nanasdeals say, "It's a blast!"

"Talk about making learning fun. Our kids had a blast playing with it. I think personally this should be on every one’s holiday Christmas list this year for your kids and family members’ children!"

Tia Denicolo,

Roll catch...learn!

"There are many different options. If you have a small tot, you can learn new things by rolling the ball. If you are doing multiplication with older kids they can even play catch with this ball as they are learning.  It is a lot of fun."


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